1. What kind of song should I sing?

We like to hear what best suits your voice. Generally, a section of 16 bars of an up-tempo show tune is suggested. With that being said, we discourage the use of songs from our season, with nothing allowed from the shows involved in your audition. But we encourage songs that mirror the style of the show.

2. Will I have to prepare a monologue?

No. The purpose of the open call is to gauge people's voices, energy, personality, and looks. We will judge your acting solely through your vocal audition.

3. Will the open call be private or public?

Open call auditions are held in a private room, where you will sing for members of the production staff.

4. Do I need a headshot and résumé?

It is not required that you bring in a résumé or headshot into your open call. However, it would be helpful to us to know your background in more detail.

5. If I am bringing my résumé, what should be on it?

You should have all of your personal physical information like height, weight, eye color, hair color, etc. Also, you should describe/list your background in dance, theater, and music training. A list of your past performing experiences should also be included. This information is all asked from on the audition application, so it will save your hand from writing it if you bring it with you.

6.How will I find out if I'm called back?

After the second open call, we place a callback list on the main page of the LTC website. We will announce final casting the same way and a member of the production staff will be in contact about the first rehearsal.

7. What happens if I'm not called back?

If you are not called back, it means we have seen all we need to see of you. You should still check the website once the cast list is posted to see if you are cast.

8. Is it necessary that I show up at the start time for the open call?

You do not have to arrive precisely at the start time, but keep in mind that the later you arrive, the longer you will likely have to wait for your audition.

9. If I don't own a song book, do you have music to use?

We have a wide selection of music to be used if you forget or do not have any music books of your own, so don't stress. Just ask the stage manager about it when you show up for auditions.

10. I can't sing! What should I do?

First of all, anybody can sing. You are not being judged solely by how well you sing as we are always looking for performers who can bring energy and personality into their auditions. In addition, in virtually every show there are non-singing parts for which you may be considered.

11. What are rehearsal schedules like?

Because of how quickly we put up our productions, most shows rehearse 5-7 nights a week. However, depending on your role you may not be called for every rehearsal. The staff works very hard to budget your time appropriately. The best course of action is to be up front about your schedule, conflicts, and time restraints at auditions so that the staff can work around them when coming up with the original schedule. Conflicts that arise post-auditions often damage the show's artistic integrity and are not tolerated by the production staff.