'Merrily We Roll Along' follows the career of Franklin Shepard backwards in time, from successful movie producer to his humble beginnings as an idealistic and youthful songwriter who, with his best friends Charley and Mary, sets out to shake up Broadway and 'change the world.' This classic Sondheim ends with a touch of rueful irony, as the three best friends at the start of their careers face a bright future: young, talented and enthusiastic about the worlds waiting to be conquered.

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Jacob EsformesFrank Shepard
Jamie KingCharley Kringas
Jasia RiesMary Flynn
Katie FuentesGussie Carnegie
Erica NaderaBeth
Jordon HafetzJoe
Alyssa KrompierK.T.
Justin BrownTyler
Christopher PasiTerry
Matt MillerScotty
Stephanie LeivaDory
Michael MercantiRU
Alex DabrowskiJerome
Sara GhassemzadehMeg
Erika KruseTV Newswoman
Sean SwitzerMr. Spencer
Diana HeisrothMrs. Spencer
Samantha OrnerAudition Girl