The 24-Hour Musical

The 24-Hour Musical returns, and we need YOU to write it!

Have your vision come to life before your very eyes by writing a musical for Rutgers’ Premiere Musical Theatre Organization, the Livingston Theatre Company!                                                        

What you need to prepare:

  • We need you to write a show that can be performed within 45 minutes to 1 hour (with song and dance of course!)
  • The story should be fun, playful, and humorous, stringing along 6-8 songs
  • The songs should be more contemporary pop hits, show tunes, or any other songs you believe will fit best for your show - as long as they are easy/popular enough that someone can learn/perform them with little rehearsal
  • Provide as many opportunities for different performers to be highlighted throughout the show (ie. lines for many different characters, plenty of solo lines, group numbers etc.)
  • The show should have a medium sized cast, with 4-5 principles characters and ensemble. Have a cast of 15-20 performers in mind!
  • Prepare a cover page with your general information: Name, RUID, Year, Major, email address, and phone number.
  • On the page following your cover page, please provide a title for your musical, character list, list of musical numbers, and a brief plot description
  • Please also prepare the lyrics and MP3/Karaoke tracks for all songs
  • Send a copy of the cover page, script, lyrics, and MP3/Karaoke tracks to by January 8th.
  • The writer(s) may still apply for a ProStaff position and/or audition

Caution: Please evaluate and edit your ideas so that they can be achieved within the 24 HR time frame, including set, props, and costumes! Ex. Do not set the show in space because costuming/props/set would be really difficult to produce well!

How does 24-Hour work?

Goal:  Produce the best musical possible within the time constraint of 24 hours! Everything is completely student written, directed, and performed!

January 11th - Applications for ProStaff (Director, Choreographer etc.) OPEN
January 18th - Application for ProStaff CLOSE
Thursday, January 28th - The only audition day, and the cast list will be posted that night
Friday, January 29th - The 24-Hour period will begin at 8pm. The cast will be given the script, and their respective parts/songs for the first time, and they have 24 hours of rehearsal time
Saturday, January 30th - The performance will be held at 8pm in the LSC Livi Hall

Please email if you have ANY question or need guidance in any way!

LTC Webmaster