Spring Awakening Pit Orchestra!

We are so excited to announce the Pit of Spring Awakening. Congratulations to all! We saw a lot of talent this past weekend, so thank you to everyone who auditioned!

The Co-Music Directors, Kyle Buchanan and Thomas Silkowski, will be contacting you all by the end of this week about rehearsal schedules, books, mandatory dates, and the like. In the mean time, good luck with finals…!

Violin - Emily Gaab    
Viola - Seth Van Embden
Cello - Brianna Tagliaferro
Bass - James Nascimento
Keyboard/Harmonium - Kyle Buchanan
Guitar 1 - Matt Gordeuk
Guitar 2 - Luis Garrido
Drums - Alexa Douras

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Music Coordinators Trey Shore (trey.z.shore@gmail.com) or Melanie Chambers (Melanie.chambers@rutgers.edu).


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