Urinetown Pit Auditions!

After having enough of the Urine Good Company's tax on the toilets, Bobby Strong stands up and leads a revolution for the freedom to "pee whenever you'd like, as much as you'd like, for as long as you'd like, with whomever you'd like". LTC's final production of the year, Urinetown, takes place "In a town like any other musical". Suffering from a 20-year drought, the citizens navigate a world with much of the same issues that complicate our own. The characters face the realities of economic inequality and police brutality, corporate mismanagement, populism, and the inability to pee freely. Set against styles of music from opera, to gospel, jazz, and near pop-like tunes, Urinetown has something for everyone!

The score is orchestrated for the following instruments:

Soprano saxophone
Alto saxophone
Bb clarinet
Bass clarinet
Drum set

If you or someone you know plays any of these instruments, please come out and audition! Auditions will be held Wednesday, February 17th from 8-11pm at the Livingston Theatre Building (31 Postal Plaza). The closest bus stop is the Quads on the Livingston Campus.

Please bring a 2-3 minute prepared piece of your choosing, and then we will have you sight-read from the score of the show.  Any questions may be sent to Music@ruLTC.org regarding pit auditions!

Feel free to email the LTC Executive Board at info@ruLTC.org with any questions you may have, we love to hear from you!  We look forward to seeing you at auditions!


LTC Webmaster