Urinetown Pit!

Congratulations to the Pit Orchestra of the wonderful and crazy world of Urinetown!

Reeds - Pierre Cornilliat (alto and soprano sax) and Emily McGovern (Bb and bass clarinet)
Trombone/euphonium - Julie Zedeck
Piano - Ed Looney
Bass - Konstantine Farris
Drums - Liam McGeary

The Musical Director, Jeron Stephens, will be in contact with you all shortly regarding the pit rehearsal schedule. You may contact him at jeronlstephens@gmail.com if you have any questions about the pit or the production…!

For any further musical questions in general or regarding LTC, do not hesitate to contact our lovely Musical Coordinators, Trey Shore and Mel Chambers, at music@ruLTC.org

LTC Webmaster