Little Shop of Horrors Pit!

LTC_2016-17_LittleShopPoster_Blank (1).jpg

Congratulations and welcome to Skid Row! We are very happy to announce the Pit Orchestra for Little Shop of Horrors!


Keyboard 1/Conductor: Patrick Phillips
Keyboard 2: Ed Looney
Guitar: Ben Weise
Bass: TBA
Drums: Liam McGeary
Percussion: Skyler Fortgang
Reed 1: Taylor Rehe (Flute & Tenor Sax) Luke Simons (Bb & Eb Clarinet)
Reed 2: Morgan Ulrich (Flute) Connor Babos (Baritone Sax, Bb Clarinet, & Bass Clarinet)
Trumpet 1: Jason Lakshaman
Trumpet: 2: Isaiah C. Mason


The Musical Directors, Liam McGeary and Megan Kalberer, and Assistant Musical Director, Patrick Phillips, will be in contact with you all shortly regarding the pit rehearsal schedule. You may contact them,,, if you have any questions about the pit or the production.

For any further musical questions in general or regarding LTC, do not hesitate to contact our lovely Musical Coordinators, Thomas Silkowski and Liam McGeary, at


LTC Webmaster