Little Shop of Horrors Callbacks!

We would like to thank everyone who came out and auditioned for Little Shop of Horrors. We have seen a lot of talent over these past two nights, so congratulations to all who received a callback! If you do not see your name on the list, please do not be discouraged from contacting us ( if you are interested in helping out in any other way!

There will be a dance call, so please wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Bring water, snacks, homework, and lunch - There will be a lot of down time, and we cannot give a definite end-time.

Arrive at the Livingston Theatre Building (31 Postal Plaza) this Sunday, September 11th. Parking is available at the building. If you are called back for multiple roles, please arrive at your earliest call time.

The following people, please arrive at the Livingston Theatre Building BEFORE 9:00 AM:


Paolo Arceo
Jess Block-Gerber
Richard Daley
Jon Dawson
Matt Hughes
Jonah Levinson
Andres Moledo
Paul Salierno
Luke Simons

Audrey II:

Paolo Arceo
Joe Haverlock
Mark Hill
Oren Merhav
Benji Sills


Olivia Accardo
Nadine Blank
Autumn Byfield
Amy Cruz
Julia Filiberti
Jillian Hanna
Sienna Jones
Rachelle Legrande
Kyrstina Matos
Rachel McDonough
Maya Mitterhoff
Katie Siegel
Gabby Talvacchia
Aiyanna Tucker
Jordan Vinson
Monet Wooding

The following people, please arrive at the Livingston Theatre Building BEFORE 10:30 AM:


Allie Ambriano
Jessa Bedser
Mary Berko
Nadine Blank
Kate Brandt
Annalisa DeSeno
Deidre Hansalik
Megan Lako
Maya Mitterhoff

Mr. Mushnick: 

Alex Albanese
Jon Dawson
Craig Dilliplane
Justin Jajalla
Luis Diego Millan
Nate Olmeda
Benji Sills


Paolo Arceo
Craig Dilliplane
Dan Robertson
Mike Vercellone
Dylan Weidenfeld

If you do not know how to get to the Livingston Theatre Building, please call Stage Manager Lulu (714)-269-1286 and we will send someone to you meet at the Quads Bus Stop on the Livingston Campus and walk you over.

The director, Tyler Conroy, will be sending out all of the musical sides for you to look over prior to callbacks, so please check your emails this Friday afternoon!

Congrats again to all, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


LTC Webmaster