Into The Woods Callbacks

We would like to thank everyone who came out and auditioned for Into the Woods! We have seen a lot of talent over these past two nights, so congratulations to all who received a callback! Those who are called back will receive an email tomorrow with more information. If you do not see your name on the list, please do not be discouraged from contacting us ( if you are interested in helping out in any other way! 

Brenda Amaya
Isabella Chang
Kiersten Montenero
Camille Rabe
Alyssa Fox
Marielle Abel
Cristina Ferucci
Katie Siegel
Catherine Dvorak
Kaitlyn Toledo
Sarah Zekaria
Erin Bogert
Megan Lako
Jessica Kerman
Marin Contini
Gabriella Camiolo
Autumn Byfield
Sofia Solimando
Alison Rydwin
Rebecca Madeira
Jessa Bedser
Veronica Mu
Annalisa DeSeno
Gabrielle Talvacchia
Brooke Barkdull
Laura Couch
Sabrina Dunn
Tierra Burge-Caldwell

Luke Grzelewski
Nicholas Preite
Ross Ferguson
Sean Ullmer
Lewis Kim
Kyle Higgins
Zach Hassel
Randy Campo
Jairo Campo
Tyler Conroy
Craig Dilliplane
Liam McGeary
Chris Santos
Kevin Anbarserri
Nicolas Noa
Roggi Chuquimarca
Peter Toto
Hillel Adir

Congrats again to all, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

LTC Webmaster