Violet Callbacks

The following is a list of people who are called back for LTC's upcoming main-stage production, Violet. If your name is listed below, be on the lookout for an email from the production staff containing more information.


Katerina Farese
Hayley Adler
Alexis Olsen
Anne Ballman
Shannon Charlton
Jennifer Dars
Sabrina Dunn
Jazleen Gongora
Samantha Desena
Katie Siegel
Kathleen Lonski
Brooke Barkdull
Catherine Hunt
Kaitlyn Toledo
Nina Langhorn
Anuska Ball

Jason Bediako
Larrej Drayton
Roggi Chuquimarca
Ryan Leibowitz
Dylan Weidenfeld
Stephen Dodrv
Conor Wall
Zach Hassel
Cristian Ossa
Joshua Rosenzweig
Randy Campo
Caleb Barron
Skyler Fortgang  

Callbacks will be held Monday November 19th in our rehearsal space located at 31 Postal Plaza, Piscataway, right off Livingston Campus near the quads. The easiest way to get here is to take an LX or B to the Quads and walk from there. Note: Reminder that the REXL does not stop at the Quads bus stop.

LTC Webmaster