Sweeney Todd Cast List

The Livingston Theatre Company is proud to announce the cast list for the first show of the 22nd season, Sweeney Todd. Thank you to everyone who auditioned and please do not be discouraged from contacting us (info@ruLTC.org) if you are interested in being a part of the production in any other way!

Sweeney Todd: Kolter Yagual

Mrs. Lovett: Rebecca Madeira

Judge Turpin: Leonid Lawrence

The Beadle: Jairo Campo

Anthony Hope: Zach Hassel

Johanna: Kiersten Montenero

Beggar Woman: Samantha DeSena

Adolfo Pirelli: Soren Morici

Tobias Ragg: Randy Campo

Ensemble: Hayley Adler, Sebastian Chiaramonte, Gabriella Florio, Stephanie Garcia, Grace Gardner, Alana Sackman, Caleb Schneider, and Yves Turgeon

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