Anything Goes Cast List!

All aboard! We are so excited to announce the cast of Anything Goes. Congratulations to all! We saw an amazing amount of talent in these past few days, which made our decision a truly difficult one. If you did not get cast there are many other ways to get involved with LTC and we encourage you to reach out to us at if you are interested.

If you see your name below please contact the Director, Alex Albanese ( or the Artistic Director, Brenna Knight ( with any questions or if you do not accept your role. Please check you email within the next day for information on the first rehearsal.



Reno Sweeney - Stephanie Turci
Hope Harcourt - Brittany DiNardo
Evangeline Harcourt - Loretta Adams
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh - Benji Sills
Elisha Whitney - Andy Martinez
Billy Crocker - Jonathan Dawson
Moonface Martin - Tyler Conroy
Erma - Alexandra Ambriano
Luke - Oren Merhav
John - Richard Daley
Captain - Michael Vercellone
Purser - Alexander Golden
Angels - Olivia Accardo
             Mary Berko
             Krystina Matos
             Daniela Stefanelli
Quartet - Eric Figueroa Acosta
               Anthony DeSena
               Ajit J. Mathews
               Michael Vercellone
Ensemble - Kevin Anbarserri
                  Elise Bender
                  Tara Reid
                  Katie Siegel
                  Brittany Yesner

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