The Little Sisters of Hoboken operate Mount Saint Helen's School in Hoboken, new Jersey. Originally founded as a missionary order, they started out running a leper colony on an island south of France. Forced to leave the island when they lost control to a group of Protestant competitors, they returned to Hoboken. They went unnoticed until one day their cook, Sister Julia -- Child of God -- unwittingly served some tainted vichyssoise soup and 52 sisters died of botulism. Fortunately, a few of the sisters were off playing bingo with some Maryknolls and so were spared. Upon discovering the disaster, Mother Superior had a vision -- it was either Saint Catherine of Siena or Saint Thomas Aquinas in drag (she's not sure) -- in which she is told to start a greeting card company to raise funds for the burials of the 52. The greeting cards were an enormous success and thinking there was plenty of money, Reverend other bought a big screen TV for the convent. When she realized there was only enough money left to bury 48 of the dead sisters, she decided to stage a talent show to raise the money to bury the last four dearly departed who were put on ice in the convent deep freeze.