The Executive Board of the Livingston Theatre Company consists of four Rutgers undergraduate students. These four members are the officers of the organization and have the final decisions in all matters related to the company. They are often referred to as the “E-Board”, and are equivalent to Producers. The members of the board are voted into their positions by the members of the company at the end of the academic year. Each term is for one full academic year. This special election is presided over by the company's current Administrative Advisor, Laura Christiansen.

The members of the 2019-2020 Executive Board are as follows:

Managing DirectorRachel
Artistic DirectorDavid
Production ManagerGreg
Business ManagerChristine

Managing Director

The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that LTC has the proper infrastructure and to implement all goals set by the Artistic Director. This member shall preside over all meetings for LTC and is responsible for the following general board departments: development, marketing, special events, and alumni relations. This officer has the ability to select the members of the aforementioned departments with the approval of the rest of the Executive Board.  The de facto president of the company, this member serves as a representative between LTC and any outside groups or governing boards where he or she shall sit as a representative.

Artistic Director

The Artistic Director is the face of the company. This member has the authority to implement artistic visions for the company, as well as conceive company-wide goals (to be implemented by the Managing Director) in an effort to help LTC grow and improve. The Artistic Director is responsible for choosing (with the approval of the Executive Board) and overseeing the following production staff positions: the Directors, Musical Directors, Choreographers, Properties Designers, and all other positions with artistic control over a show. The Artistic Director presides over all audition processes with each shows respective director. Most importantly the Artistic Director is responsible for maintaining the company's artistic integrity, by shaping the onstage product of all LTC productions.

Production Manager

The Production Manager is responsible for the technical aspects of every show LTC performs. Having the responsibility for choosing and overseeing the Technical Director, Stage Manager, and other technical position in the show as well as obtaining all materials needed to build and maintain a show's set. The production manager is also responsible for overseeing scheduling and budget responsibilities of the current production staff.

Business Manager

The Business Manager is responsible for the day-to-day nuts and bolts of the company. The majority of the job is preparing and keeping track of the budget for each season. Recognized as the treasurer by the university, this member must complete all paperwork related to payments, reimbursements, as well as keeping a record of spending for each show as to not run over or out of assigned and generated funds. This member is to keep track of all LTC non-building property and spaces as to know what exists so spending can be kept to a minimum. This member has the authority over the following departments: House and Box Office, Historian. The Business Manager has the responsibility for filling those positions on the General Board, as well as keeping track of all space reservations to make sure that there is sufficient space to rehearse, meet, and perform in.