It is the General Board's task to develop the Livingston Theatre Company as an organization. Colloquially known as the “Gen-Board”, members have tasks ranging from raising money and advertising, to designing posters and selling tickets. Others plan company-bonding events, and a few even maintain the historical records of the company. Above all, the Gen-Board is the business back bone of the organization, it is their goal to keep everything running smoothly. Members of the 2019-2020 General Board and descriptions of each Gen-Board position may be found below.

Assistant Managing DirectorSabrina Caruso
Assistant Artistic DirectorHaley Flynn-Stead
Assistant Production ManagerSam DeSena
Director of AdvertisingSofia Solimando
Director of Education and RecruitmentNina Langhorn
Director of Alumni Relations/HistorianZach Hassel
Social Media Manager/Web DeveloperConor Wall
Company VideographerLuisDiego Millan
Director of Campus Events (Service) and Director of Campus Events (Theatre)Miranda Madrazo and Caleb Barron
House ManagerTom Lehan
Technical DirectorJason Tong
Music CoordinatorKira Harris
Creative CoordinatorsMikayla Luchun and Nicole Potenza
Dance Coordinator
Sarah Portewig

Assistant Managing Director

The assistant to the managing director will work directly under the Managing Director in all facilitation related aspects of the company. They will be present at every general board meeting, keeping up to date with all company activity. After each meeting the assistant managing director will be responsible for posting the meeting minutes in an email to be sent to the general board, as well as the executive board, for those members who may have been absent. The Assistant Managing Director will act as a secondary resource for the general board positions, ensuring that they are completing their responsibilities in a timely fashion.

Assistant Artistic Director

The Assistant Artistic Director will work directly under the Artistic Director and help them reach any goals set for the company, specific productions, or special events. The Assistant Artistic Director will work with the Artistic Director to establish relationships with each rehearsal staff, and to serve as another outlet in helping to bring each director’s vision to life.


Assistant Production Manager

The Assistant Production Manager attends each Production Staff meeting, assisting the Production Manager when necessary. The Assistant Production Manager will also assist in facilitating move-in and strike days, attend each build, offer a helping hand to the technical director, and help recruit crew members for our productions. The Assistant Production Manager will be very familiar with the proposed set design of each of our productions and will help the production manager as any questions or problems arise.


Marketing - Director Education & Recruitment

The Recruitment Director acts as a specific branch of the Marketing Team.  While each marketing position will aid in the development of all marketing strategies, the Recruitment Director will focus on bringing new students into the company.  Responsibilities will include running outreach to the Rutgers community as well as local high school and other youth groups, managing the email list and email blast and developing new recruitment methods.  


Marketing - Graphic Designer

Any time a production or event needs a colorful visual representation, the Graphic Designer is responsible for bringing it to life. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and/or Microsoft Office Publisher are recommended.


Marketing - Web Development

Web Development responsibilities include keeping the website up to date, writing posts for all season announcements, and helping to market all of the special events. 


Marketing - Director of AD/ Social Media Manager

The Director of Advertising/Social Media Manager acts as a specific branch of the Marketing Team.  They will be responsible for managing flyer distribution, organizing tabling to promote productions, and developing new marketing programs to increase ticket sales. They are also responsible for updating the company’s Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. They will work closely with the rest of the Marketing Team to share the latest news and information about our company with the public.


Special Events - Director of Campus Events

The Director of Campus Events acts a specific branch of the Special Events team. While each Special Events position will aid in the organizing and development of all events, the Director of Campus Events is responsible for scheduling, staffing, and planning official LTC events on campus, such as Bed Races, Open House, and the Involvement Fair. The Director of Campus Events can also conceive as many new events possible that help to improve LTC’s presence in the Rutgers community as a whole.


Special Events - Music Coordinator

The music coordinator is responsible for guiding the music director of each production and helping to recruit and organize pit orchestras. The music coordinator is also expected to be a resource throughout the rehearsal process for staff members or cast members who need assistance in any manner regarding music.  Proficiency in reading music and playing piano are recommended.


Special Events - Dance Coordinator

The dance coordinator is responsible for assisting the choreographers for each production by acting as a resource for this production staff position.  Additionally, the dance coordinator is expected to assist the company with developing, teaching, and mentoring dancers and choreographers both within the company and outside of the company for educational purposes.  Experience in multiple styles of dance is recommended.


House Manager

The House Manager is responsible for setting up online ticket sales for each production, communication with season ticket holders, setting up concessions, staffing each performance with ushers, coordinating seat reservations, and making sure every patron has the best service experience possible when they come to see the show.  This position works with computers, scanners, printers, and tablets to move customers through the box office as swiftly as possible. The house manager works closely with the business manager to make decisions on when ticket sales can begin pre-performance, when house can open, etc. Since most alumni affair coincide with show weekends, House Managers will also be responsible for organizing and running alumni events.


Production Team - Technical Director

The technical director is responsible for bringing and creating the set design for each show to life. He or she makes decisions on how things will be built and with what materials and hardware. This position works closely with the Production Manager in order to make sure the design is executed in a timely fashion, moved into the performance space, and moved out of it in an efficient way.


Production Team - Creative Coordinator

The creative coordinator is responsible for maintaining an inventory of all costumes and props in the LTB. Cleaning and organizing the space, costumes and props after each strike and production. This position would also be the liaison between the creative team (props, and costumes) of each production. Leads the creative team to ABC with ensuring that all trips are well organized and managed. Also is in charge of coordinating and keeping track of all loaned out props, costumes and set pieces. He or she will also be a resource for the creative team. This position works closely with the Production Manager and the rest of the Tech Team.