The Livingston Theatre Company hosts open call auditions for each of our mainstage productions. LTC encourages both actors and non-actors to get involved in any and all aspects of a production. Our company is made of entirely Rutgers undergraduate student volunteers. If you wish to learn more about the company, check out the main Get Involved page or email the company's producers at

Callbacks for each show will follow within the next two days. A callback list for each show will be posted on the website after the second open call audition. If you are interested in auditioning for any of these shows but cannot make either of the open calls, please email explaining your situation.

About Auditions

What to bring to auditions

  • A copy of your class schedule and conflicts

  • A theatrical resume (if you have one) OPTIONAL

  • Yourself!

What to do at auditions:

The open call auditions typically consists of 16-32 bars of a prepared show tune, preferably in the style of the show, which may come from any other show other than the show being auditioned for or others from the rest of the current season.  

Auditions are a chance for us to get to know you, even if for a moment. They are held in private rooms across campus, where you will sing for a panel made of the production staff of the specific show and possibly members of the artistic team or executive board. Remember that while the process can be stressful, everyone in the room is also a full-time student looking to put on the best show possible.

If you have more questions about the audition process, please refer to the Auditions FAQ.

About Callbacks

What are callbacks?

Callbacks are a second set of auditions for actors who are selected by the show's production staff. At callbacks you could be asked to present material from the show to determine fit and potential. You may be given some material in advance or just asked to show up, but things that you might expect to do include: dance a short number taught by the show's choreographer, sing selected pieces from the song that you will learn with the show's musical director, and/or exhibit your acting skills by reading selected scenes from the script for the director and assistant director. The callback process will vary depending on the show’s needs, and you never know what a production staff has up its sleeves! So, approach the process with confidence in your abilities, an open mind, and a positive attitude!

If you are called back and do not attend without contacting us, you will be greatly reducing your chances of being cast in the show. If you have a legitimate conflict, please email explaining your situation in advance of callbacks and bring it to the attention of the stage manager and audition panel during the open call.

A callback list will always be posted after the second audition, so if you audition on the first night you will have to wait for the second open call audition to be completed before a callback list is posted. The list will have contact information for multiple people for any questions or concerns that you might have. After the list has been posted, expect an email from the production team with further information about specific materials to prepare and important scheduling information.

Where are callbacks?

Be aware that callbacks may not happen at the same place as auditions because of the need for more space. The location for callbacks will be listed along with the callback list.

When are callbacks?

Callbacks are scheduled for one of the two days immediately after the open call auditions. Check the callback page which will be posted on the website for your specific call times. You might be called multiple times throughout the day so make sure you are there for each of them. We recommend staying on the same campus if you are called back multiple times, and arriving at least 10 to 15 minutes early to your scheduled time.