Guys and Dolls Production Staff Announcement

The Livingston Theatre Company is proud to announce the production staff for our 21st Season’s production of Guys and Dolls.

Assistant Director: Danielle Shabi
Music Directors: Steven Dodrv & Skyler Fortgang
Choreographer: Samantha DeSena
Stage Managers: Amber Soffer
Costume and Props Designers: Edlin Gulzari & Nina Langhorn

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Guys and Dolls Director Announcement

The Livingston Theatre Company is proud to announce the director of our last show of the season, Guys and Dolls: Sarah Portewig!

“I’m so excited to have the opportunity to direct Guys & Dolls! I can’t wait to start working on this incredible project and look forward to bringing this relevant story with all of its heart to the Rutgers community.”

Do you want to work with Sarah on this journey into the mobster underground all the way through salvation? You still have until this Friday, February 1st @ 11:59pm to apply to be part of the production staff below:

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Violet Sings Broadway!

Join us for a free night of music and friends! The cast and production staff of Violet are coming together to sing songs from some of your favorite broadway musicals.

This event will include performances by....
Anne Ballman
Larrej Drayton
Sam DeSena
Roggi Chuquimarca
Nina Langhorn
Sabrina Dunn
Shannon Charlton
Stephen Dodrv
Katerina Farese
Skyler Fortgang
Jazleen Gongora
Zach Hassel
Megan Lako

Where: The LSC Coffeehouse
When: Saturday February 2nd @ 8:00PM
Ticket Price: FREE!

RUSA allocations paid for by student fees!

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24 Hour Musical Application

The 24-Hour Musical returns, and we need YOU to write it!

Have your vision come to life before your very eyes by writing a musical for Rutgers’ Premiere Musical Theatre Organization, the Livingston Theatre Company! What you need to prepare:

  • We need you to write a show that can be performed within 45 minutes to 1 hour (with song and dance of course!)

  • The story should be fun, playful, and humorous, stringing along 6-8 songs

    • The songs should be more contemporary pop hits, showtunes, or any other songs you believe will fit best for your show - as long as they are easy/popular enough that someone can learn/perform them with little rehearsal

  • Provide as many opportunities for different performers to be highlighted throughout the show (ie. lines for many different characters, plenty of solo lines, group numbers etc.)

  • The show should have a medium sized cast, with 4-5 principles characters and ensemble

    • Have a cast of 15-20 performers in mind!

  • Prepare a cover page with your general information: Name, RUID, Year, Major, email address, and phone number.

  • On the page following your cover page, please provide a title for your musical, character list, and a brief plot description

  • Please also prepare the lyrics and MP3/Karaoke tracks for all songs

  • Send a copy of the cover page, script, lyrics, and MP3/Karaoke to by February 1st.

  • The writer(s) may still apply for a ProStaff position and/or audition

Caution: Please evaluate and edit your ideas so that they can be achieved within the 24 HR time frame, including set, props, and costumes! Ex. Do not set the show in space because costuming/prop/set would be really difficult to produce well!

How does 24-Hour work?

Goal:  Produce the best musical possible within the time constraint of 24 hours! Everything is completely student written, directed, and performed!

Friday, March 8th - The only audition day, and the cast list will be posted that night

Saturday, March 9th - The 24-Hour period will begin at 2pm. The cast will be given the script, and their respective parts/songs for the first time, and they have 24 hours of rehearsal time

Sunday, March 10th- The performance will be held at 2pm in the Livingston Student Center MPR

Please email if you have ANY question or need guidance in any way!

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Guys and Dolls Director Application

Guys and Dolls director applications open TODAY!

Get involved with our final main stage of the season and apply to direct Guys and Dolls!

For information on how to apply, send your expression of interest and any questions to and no later than January 21st at 11:59pm.

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Violet Cast

The Livingston Theatre Company is proud to announce the cast of our second Production of the 21st Season, Violet.

Violet - Anne Ballman
Flick - Larrej Drayton
Monty - Skyler Fortgang 
Father - Ryan Leibowitz
Young Violet - Sam DeSena
Preacher/Radio Singer/Leroy Evans - Roggi Chuquimarca
Lula Buffington/Almeta - Nina Langhorn
Old Woman/Hooker - Sabrina Dunn
- Shannon Charlton
- Stephen Dodrv
- Katerina Farese
- Jazleen Gongora
- Zach Hassel

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Violet Callbacks

The following is a list of people who are called back for LTC's upcoming main-stage production, Violet. If your name is listed below, be on the lookout for an email from the production staff containing more information.


Katerina Farese
Hayley Adler
Alexis Olsen
Anne Ballman
Shannon Charlton
Jennifer Dars
Sabrina Dunn
Jazleen Gongora
Samantha Desena
Katie Siegel
Kathleen Lonski
Brooke Barkdull
Catherine Hunt
Kaitlyn Toledo
Nina Langhorn
Anuska Ball

Jason Bediako
Larrej Drayton
Roggi Chuquimarca
Ryan Leibowitz
Dylan Weidenfeld
Stephen Dodrv
Conor Wall
Zach Hassel
Cristian Ossa
Joshua Rosenzweig
Randy Campo
Caleb Barron
Skyler Fortgang  

Callbacks will be held Monday November 19th in our rehearsal space located at 31 Postal Plaza, Piscataway, right off Livingston Campus near the quads. The easiest way to get here is to take an LX or B to the Quads and walk from there. Note: Reminder that the REXL does not stop at the Quads bus stop.

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Violet Production Staff Announcement

The Livingston Theatre Company is proud to announce the production staff for our second production of the year, Violet.

Assistant Director: Rachel Spillane
Music Directors: Paul Salierno & Patrick Phillips
Stage Manager: Jasmin Shaba
Assistant Stage Manager: Christine DiNapoli
Props & Costumes Designer: Haley Flynn-stead

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Violet Director Announcement

The Livingston Theatre Company is proud to announce the director of our second show Violet: Megan Lako!

"I am so honored to begin working on this beautiful show with a company that has become my home here at Rutgers. Apply to prostaff today! :)”

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