The Livingston Theatre Company wouldn't be able to produce its spectacular season without the dedication of various crews. It is these members who work behind the scenes dressed in black or closed away in a dressing room that make the show! The LTC family always has positions open for the following crews:

Running Crew
These members are an integral part of all our productions as they assist in all of the scene changes in a show. They must be able to work quickly, quietly, and competently under the direction of the stage manager to make all their transitions as smooth as possible.

Building Crew
These members, under the direction of the company's technical director, are responsible for the construction of the sets for each show. No matter what your skill level is, when it comes to carpentry, there is something for you to do. For those of you who would like, we are more then happy to educate you on the craft of building.

Scenic Artists
Regardless of your artistic abilities, we encourage you to come out and help us paint our sets. There are opportunities for future Picassos who wish to pain masterpieces, and even those of you most comfortable with simple brush stroke painting.

Lighting Crew
This is an opportunity to learn the basics of how to hang and focus lights, gel, all under the supervision of our technical staff.

If you enjoy theater and are looking for a way to get involved that might not necessarily put you on stage, or if you wish to be involved in both on and off stage positions, please do not hesitate to contact us and get involved.