In the Heights Cast List

We are so excited to announce the cast of In The Heights. Congratulations to all! We saw an amazing amount of talent in these past few days, which made our decision a difficult one. If you did not get cast there are many other ways to get involved with LTC and we encourage you to reach out to us if you are interested.

If you see your name below please contact your Director, Claudia Nuñez ( or your Artistic Director, Matt Miller ( with any questions or if you do not accept your role. Keep a look out for an email with information on our first rehearsal.

Usnavi - Rafael Lozada
Abuela Claudia - Katie Fuentes 
Vanessa - Kayla Brantley 
Nina Rosario - Gabby Talvacchia 
Benny - Russell Umali
Sonny - LaJuan Miller 
Daniela - Sydney Smith
Carla - Krystina Matos 
Kevin Rosario - Justin Luckenbaugh
Camila Rosario - Stephanie Van Huss
Piragua Guy - Jordan Holaday 
Graffiti Pete - Mendel Teitelbaum

Ensemble Members: 
Aron Davis
Maria Dorado 
Alyssa Filannino
Justin Jajalla
Stephanie Leiva
Christian Muñoz 

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